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Whether a child is struggling with their homework or a parent wants their child to stand out academically, there are resources available to help improve a child’s academic performance. Regardless of the reason, tutoring is a method used to support a child’s learning and help them excel. Below are some ways to choose the best tutor in order to achieve the optimal results for the child’s academic experience.


The child’s school should be the first place to look. A lot of times the school will offer free tutoring to students so this is often the best and most convenient option, especially if you’re cost-conscious. Depending on the school, there may be different programs in place to offer proper support for children such as after-school volunteer programs or group study sessions. If the school lacks the programs or the child still needs additional support, a tutoring agency may be the method of choice.


Tutoring agencies are companies that specialize specifically in tutoring and can be either in person or online. Students generally perform better with face-to-face tutoring; this is because a tutor can hold the child accountable for their work whereas online, the student may be more prone to distraction. Tutoring agencies can be more costly, but they will provide results as they put their tutors through a probationary period to weed out unqualified individuals and ensure quality tutors. When asking about prices, make sure to inquire about payment and cancellation policies.


If a tutoring agency is not an option, either due to budgetary constraints or other reasons, then another method could be to reach out to friends and family to see who is available. It may be surprising to find a retiree, a sibling, or even a friend of the child who is well versed in the particular subject and willing to provide the support and commitment needed. Depending on the arrangement, the tutor may or may not be paid, but the keys to success with this option are scheduling, commitment, and respecting each others’ roles as tutor and student.


When a tutor is finally chosen for a child, it is important to monitor results to ensure that the child is getting the most from the experience, especially if money is going into it. It takes effort not only from the child but from the parent to make sure that the child is being held accountable and getting the support that they need.